Old Commercial Port
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(I) Introduction to the park

The park range is north to Jingyi Road, south to Jingsi Road, east of Wei’er Road, west to Sixth Xiaowei Road, which belongs to the area of Daguanyuan Street, and the total floor area is about 671 mu, and the total construction area is 1.05 million square meters planned on the ground, on the basis of protection and restoration of the historic heritage, developed commerce, culture, business, tourism, residence, etc. Among them, Phase I of Old Commercial Port is the starting area, which is located at the east side of Zhongshan Park, and the land area is about 30 mu and the planned construction area is 85,000 square meters, which is invested and operated by Huirong Group. On the basis of matching characteristic restaurant, bar, fitness club, brand clothing and boutique supermarket, focus on building a place that is gathered the historical and cultural factors, such as cultural entertainment square, antique cultural square, the folk culture street, etc. After the completion of the project, the project will become a city complex with 'old commercial port' humanity history characteristic, the core commercial street, the new coordinates of Quancheng and the new name card of the city.

(II) Park advantages

The park is located in the core region of the Old Commercial Port of Jinan and has numerous historic buildings and relics, and deep cultural, convenient geographical position, developed transportation network and complete various functional configuration around it. There is strong attraction for many enterprises, such as the commerce and trade, tourism, cultural entertainment, brand operation, etc., cooperate with the government planning guide in layout, and it is easy to form the depression effect and reconstruct the business area of the old commercial port.

(III) Investment positioning

Focus on introducing boutique shopping, catering, leisure, entertainment, business, exhibition, creative industries and financial services enterprises.

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