New Town Industrial Base
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(I) Introduction to the park

The park is located at the north of Luoerzhuang, Dangjia Neighborhood Office, south of south side of State Highway 104, east to the west side of Daqiushan Railway Private Sidings, south to the north side of south expressway circling city, west to the east side of Luoerzhuang Highway. In the park has been completed the laying of water and electricity pipe network and land leveling work, and its land area is about 460 mu. The Base has auctioned four plots of land by the way of bid. Shandong Jiayi Logistics Co., Ltd, Sinopharm Shandong Co., Ltd, Taiwan Liangji Group and Shandong Shanjian Engineering Co., Ltd have taken land one after another. At present, the logistics center project of Sinopharm Shandong Co., Ltd has comprehensively started construction, and Shandong Liangjii cooling tower and Shandong Shanjian engine equipment assembly projects have been completed the environmental assessment procedure and tried hard to start construction within the year. The remaining about 60 mu of land in the base is actively engaged in attracting investment.

(II) Park advantages

The park is adjacent to State Highway 104 and Jinan high speed circling city, and it is able to fully meet the demand industrial enterprises of large vehicles and bulk cargos are in and out of the city, comparing with Changqing, Licheng, Zhangqiu and other similar industrial parks, and the park is closer to the city downtown area, and it is able to meet the requirements the industrial enterprises administrate, research and development, test, display the product, etc.

(III) Investment positioning

Focus on bringing in administrative office, research and development, experiment, product display and sales, and pollution-free production of industrial enterprises, etc.

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