Old Xiaoling Village Reconstruction Project
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1.Project Name: Old Xiaoling Village Reconstruction Project

2Project Profile: Xiaoling village is located in the south side of the eastern section of Shizhong District of South Erhuan Road, south to Daling Village, north to Bandaojing Village, and the west side is adjacent to the south campus of Shandong University, and it borders Licheng District to the east. The village is surrounded by mountains on three sides, with rich vegetation, rich flavor of natural scenery and humanities, which enjoys a reputation as the land of idyllic beauty of Jinan province. The project is to be built into a residential and commercial complex.

3. Project Construction

Total plot area for this project is 305 mu, the planned construction area is approximately 257 mu, mainly for residential and commercial land. At present, the demolition work is basically completed, and the land use planning for villagers 62 mu has been listed for transfer.

4. Relevant Policies

Practice in accordance with land bidding, auction and listing policies in Jinan City.

5. Surrounding Life and Supporting Conditions

The land parcel is adjacent to Xinglong City Complex, Luneng Lingxiu City, Sunshine Shuncheng Community, Xinglong Campus of Shandong University and other great upscale community and auxiliary facilities, with perfect service and living facilities.

6. Contact Us

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