A particular cadre of Shizhong District winning a master scholarship of Ajou University for the first time to study in South Korea and work part time as a small economic envoy of Shizhong District
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On Mar.6, 2018, a pre-going meeting was summoned for comrade LIU Chunye in Shizhong District for her going to South Korea to study for a master degree in Ajou University. The Deputy Head FU Hua, director of the government office REN Jianjun, chief of the Statistics Bureau HAO Quanyi, and the chief of the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office YANG Wenjing attended the activities. 

In the beginning of this year, Organization Ministry of the District Committee and the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the District thoroughly investigated the real situation of the foreign language levels of the cadres and workers in the whole district, and a foreign language talents pool of Shizhong District was built constituted of a collection of 400 foreign language talents. And 39 comrades have been selected out to go for interviews as per the situations of service year, age, education background, academic degree etc., merit-based selection have been made as per the interview results, and finally through layers of screening and examination, LIU Chunye from the government office have become the only cadre that had won the master scholarship of Ajou University, as well as the first government-sponsored cadre in the history of Shizhong District that had won the international university scholarship program. 

Cadre LIU Chunye primarily majors in international development and cooperation in Ajou University schooling for two years. This international class is constituted of the members from 13 countries, marking the further promotion of foreign-oriented quality and international view for the cadres of Shizhong District. Apart from that, the comrade will hold an important position to introduce Shizhong District and attract foreign business and investment as the small economic envoy of Shizhong District. On the pre-going meeting, a four-piece investment-attracting package has been prepared for LIU Chunye, including English-Korean bilingual name cards, Investment guide in Chinese and English, Investment video and publicity film in Chinese and English. In order to fully give play the role of the small economic envoy of Shizhong District, LIU Chunye jointly signed the Protocol of Ajou University Scholarship Program with the comorade’ unit, i.e. the government office of the district and the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the District. During the study period, no less than 20 pieces of business information shall be provided in each year, no less than three times investment promotion shall be made in South Korea, and visits and negotiations by relevant people to Shizhong District shall be facilitated.  

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