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Shizhong District Profile —Window of Provincial Capital  Quancheng Center

Shizhong District is the center district of Jinan City, embracing the South Taishan Mountains and the North hometown of commercial port, covering an area of 280 square kilometers, administering 17 street offices, and it is the largest administrative area in the 4 areas inside city and the largest population of the area. In 2018, total GDP of the region amounted to 104.26 billion yuan, and total revenue of the local government budget was 9.34 billion yuan, and the proportion of three industries was 0.22:20.44:79.34.

Regional political stability, Shandong Provincial Party Committee, northern theatre army command and other party political and military organs stationed area;

Ecological beauty, forest coverage, green coverage, green land rate and per capita public green space are the first in the city;

Education leads; schools in the district all meet the provincial standards, and education collectivization reaches 85%;

The traffic is convenient, Second Dawei Road, Yingxiongshan Road and Jingshi Road, Jingqi Road and other traffic main roads crisscross; rapid construction of the rapid road network, such as the south extension of Shunhe Overhead, West Erhuan Road and East Erhuan Road, the east extension of South Erhuan Road, etc.; the State Highway 104, the Provincial Highway 103 and high speed around the city go through the boundary lines, and the modern transportation network is gradually being completed.

With sufficient support, there are 73 commercial buildings with an area of more than 5,000 square meters, with a building area of about 2.75 million square meters and more than 4,600 enterprises; the construction area of commercial buildings under construction is about 615,000 square meters, which can provide customized construction services for merchant enterprises. The space of the building merchant carrier is broad.

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