Policy Opinions on Supporting SMEs for a Steady and Healthy Development against NCPE
Issuance of NO.2 [2020] Shizhong Zhengban
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Policy Opinions by Shizhong District People’s Government Office of Jinan City on Supporting SMEs for a Steady and Healthy Development against Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

Issuance of NO.2 [2020] Shizhong Zhengban


All sub-district offices, and departments under Shizhong District Government,

In order to carry on in-depth implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on resolutely winning the fight against the epidemic prevention and control, we should fully implement provincial and municipal governments’ decision deployment on epidemic prevention and control, fully support working and production resumption of various production enterprises, and support steady and healthy development of SMEs. And policies opinions have been studied and approved by the District Government as below.

I. Strengthening financial support

Article One. Increasing loan support. For those SMEs that in line with provincial and municipal discount policies, the highest standard interest subsidy support at the District level according to policy requirements will be rendered; those government-funded funds for new and old kinetic energy conversion and industrial funds, the fund terms will be extended according to law as actual cases. (Leading departments: The District Finance Bureau, the District Finance Investment Group)

Article Two. Lower enterprise re-lending cost. Establish emergency re-lending coordination system organized by financial regulators and financial institutions; attract social capital to co-establish emergency re-lending companies to provide prompt emergency re-lending service with lower rate for SMEs affected by the epidemic. (Leading departments: The District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the District Finance Investment Group)

Article Three. Carry out bank-enterprise joint activities. Respectively organize SMEs and district-stationed banking institutions to carry out various bank-enterprise joint activities, and broaden financial channels for SMEs development. (Leading departments: The District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Financial Development  Center)

II. Lightening the burden of enterprises

Article Four. Reduce rents of SMEs. Encourage all kinds of rental carriers to reduce rents and related expenses for leasing enterprises during the epidemic, among which, those SMEs which lease state-owned assets for business purposes, two-month rent is exempted and four-month rent is halved. (Leading departments: The District Financial Bureau, Shizhong District Holding Group)

Article Five. Practice full process online of tax and bill business. For those enterprises that meet with the standards of enjoying exemption from VAT and consumption tax, they can log in Shandong.chinatax.gov.cn to operate tax exemption declaration, while relevant certificates should be retained for reference; enterprises that submit application of invoice collection will receive it by express delivery after approval by tax authorities. (Leading department: The District Tax Bureau)

Article Six. Increase operation subsidies of industrial parks. For those municipal start-up incubation bases, demonstration parks and above-city-level high-tech enterprise incubators and Hackerspace that reduce rent for SMEs during the epidemic, they will receive operation subsidies for as long as three months with the subsidy amount accounting for 30 percent out of reduced rent amount, and the accumulative total subsidy amount no more than RMB 300 thousand yuan. (Leading departments: The District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau, the District Science and Technology Bureau)

III .Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Article Seven. Safeguard SMEs development. Attach great importance to local industrial ecology, industrial chain and supply chain construction, encourage SMEs to develop innovation and flexible employment, especially those SMEs based on new formats and new service of Internet Industry can cash in the annual SME-oriented support incentive funds at district level in advance. (Leading departments: The District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, The District Science and Technology Bureau)

Article Eight. Ensure stable supply during the epidemic. For district-stationed SMEs that provide production and living supplies during the epidemic, their products or service will be included in the district-level government procurement catalog preferentially. (Leading departments: The District Financial Bureau)

Article Nine. Increase support of start-up loan. Guide eligible borrower, partners and members of founding companies and various types of partnerships or joint ventures to apply municipal start-up loan, with each start-up borrowers no more than 3 (3 included), each borrower no more than RMB 200 thousand yuan, and start-up loan no more than RMB 600 thousand yuan. Small and micro enterprises can apply no more than RMB 3 million yuan start-up loan. (Leading department: The District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau)

Article Ten. Support public employment service. Those District-stationed third-party human resource service agencies that freely introduce unemployed college graduates within the employment period (three years after graduation), urban registered unemployed to sign labor contract for more than one year (one year included)with companies in the District and pay their social insurance, can apply employment referral subsidy according to successful employment population with the standard of RMB 500 yuan by person-time. (Leading department: The District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau)

IV .Optimize upgrading services

Article Eleven. Simplify start-up process. Set up online enterprise star-up zone, put into practice of hourly settlement for registration of establishment, tax account opening, seal carving, and social security payment; give common seal, tax-control disk and upgraded version of “start-up gift package”. (Leading department: The District Administrative Approval Bureau)

Article Twelve. Implement assisting in agency services. Make comprehensive use of online approval, and agency service, door-to-door to aid enterprise prepare approval materials, and make approval response on the first time; open up green channels for enterprise of eligible conditions, and expand the scope of “better credit, quicker approval upon promised transaction”. (Leading department: The District Administrative Approval Bureau)

Article Thirteen. Set up public information service platform. Tax-related matters such as urban land use tax, property tax, deferred tax payment, reduction of taxes for SMEs shall be put out and come into effect through WeChat Official Account “Shizhong Tax”. (Leading department: The District Tax Bureau)

The policy applies to SMEs with the registered place in Shizhong District, and the implementation period is tentatively three months from the date of policy release. Shizhong District shall abide by corresponding supporting policies issued by provincial and municipal authorities.


Appendix:contact information about policy advice


                                                                                 Shizhong District People’s Government Office, Jinan  City

                                                                                                                          Feb. 18, 2020



Contact Information about Policy Advice

For consultations, you may contact with relevant departments in the following ways 

The District Development and Reform Bureau, the District Financial Development Center: 82078538

The District Science and Technology Bureau: 82078337

The District Bureau of Industry and Information Technology: 82078568

The District Financial Bureau: 82059660

The District Human Resources and Social Affairs Bureau:

86157593(Enterprise division),82078416(Employment Training division),82078428(Unemployment division),58698573(Public Employment Service Center),82093268(the District Migrant Workers Comprehensive Service Center)

The District Administrative Approval Bureau: 82078961,82078950 (online business starting)

the District Tax Bureau: 82863009,82862388

The District Finance Investment Group: 82059708

Shizhong District Holding Group: 5952801



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