Government Work Report in 2021(English Version)
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Government Work Report


—— Delivered at the Fifth Session of the 18th People's Congress

Shizhong District, Jinan City on January 27, 2021


Zhai Libo, District Mayor 


Dear delegates:

On behalf of the District People's Government, I would like to report to the Congress for your deliberation and approval, and kindly request comments from members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and other participants.

I. Review of the Economic and Social Development of the District during the "13th Five-Year Plan" Period


——Over the past five years, our efforts have been concentrated on economy and development, and our comprehensive strength substantially surged. Adhering to that new development concept leads high-quality development, we have made all-out effort to speed up the conversion of old growth drivers with new ones. The economy of the whole district maintains a stable and good development trend with both quantity and quality improved. Economic strength has ascended to a new level. GDP has made headway into the "100 billion club", and the general public budget revenue broken the threshold of 10 billion yuan. Total investment in fixed assets is 125.2 billion yuan, total import and export volume 25.8 billion US dollars, total retail sales of consumer goods 260 billion yuan, and actually utilized foreign capital 1.109 billion US dollars. 5391 projects worth more than 10 million yuan have been introduced, including 672 projects worth more than 100 million yuan. A multitude of world top 500 enterprises and headquarters, such as Microsoft, SAP, Alibaba and Linglong Tire, have settled down for development. Number of market players increased from 53,600 at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan to 110,100. Economic structure has been optimized. Proportion of the three industries has been optimized from 0.5:16.8:82.7 in 2015 to 0.2:21.3:78.5. The strategy of strengthening the industrial zone has been further promoted, and the real economy continues to advance. Output value of high-tech industry reaches 92.5% of that of the industries above designated size, ranking first in the city. Modern service industry has been further consolidated, with 188 service enterprises above designated size and 90 commercial buildings with a construction area of more than 5000 square meters. Characteristic blocks and core business districts, such as Old Commercial Ports, Lingxiucheng Guihe Shopping Center, have become increasingly prosperous, and the consumer economy been upgraded. Emerging industries have gathered new growth drivers. With the rapid development of modern financial industry, more than 200 new financial institutions and similar financial institutions, such as Shanghai Fosun and China Venture Capital Co. Ltd, have settled in Shandong New Financial Industry Park, whose fund management scale has topped 180 billion yuan; there are 70 regional headquarters of banking, insurance, securities and futures, etc., and Zhongtai securities becomes the first one among A share securities firms in the province. With the rise of digital economy industry, new infrastructure① has been accelerated. Nearly 2000 5G base stations have been built, achieving the continuous coverage of the main urban area. Shandong Digital Industry Building, Shandong Intelligent Industry Building as well as Science and Technology Innovation Building have been put into operation, and Newborn Town Inc. become the first listed Internet enterprise on the Hong Kong main board market in the province. It has been awarded with the "Digital Economy Industry Innovation and Development Award" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "Characteristic Industry Cluster" of Shandong Province, and Shandong Digital Economy Industrial Park won the provincial "Big Data Industrial Cluster". Scientific, technological, cultural and creative industry has strong momentum. The National University Science Park of Shandong University has been included in the major project of the province's new and old growth driver conversion. Benefits of Jinan International Innovative Design Industrial Park are prominent, and the preparation of national industrial design institute is speeding up. 11 innovation platforms such as Shandong Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship Community and Shandong Hangxin Blockchain Industrial Park have been introduced, 11 R & D institutions above provincial level, 7 academician workstations at provincial level, 20 mass innovation spaces above municipal level, 3 incubators, 23 R & D and achievement transfer and transformation institutions have been newly established, 11 academicians at home and abroad engaged, 126 talents above provincial level and 2135 talents at municipal level employed and cultivated. It has been listed as "China's Top 100 Innovation Zones" and "Advanced Unit of Talent Work in Shandong Province".

—— For the five years, we have been tackling challenges, pressing on with projects, expanding our space with booming urban constructions...

——For the five years, we have implemented targeted governance and strong management, so the urban and rural environmental quality is prominent...

——For the five years, we have persevered in the advancement of people’s welfare with all-round social development achieved...

——For the five years, we have worked flat out to focus on reform and advance efficiency with consistent strengthening of self-development...

We have resolutely waged an all-out people's war against the virus, and paid close attention to the normalized epidemic prevention and control. Since February 1 last year, there have been 361 consecutive days of no newly diagnosed local cases in the area, and we have made interim crucial achievements in the epidemic prevention and control.


II. Development Targets and General Requirements during the “14th Five Year Plan” Period


Guiding ideology of our district's economic and social development during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period is: to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of CPC and the second, third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and adhere to the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thoughts of Three Represents, Scientific Concept of Development and the Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era of Xi Jinping, and unswervingly implement the new development concept, adhere to the general keynote of seeking progress while maintaining stability with promoting high-quality development as the theme, deepening the supply side structural reform as the mainstay, reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, and meeting people's growing needs for a better life as the fundamental purpose, coordinate development and safety, and actively serve the city's implementation of the ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin, take the initiative to align with the new requirements of "Five Jinan"② and integrate into the new urban development pattern of "strengthening the eastern part, revitalizing the western part, beautifying the southern part, boosting the northern part and optimizing the central part". Hinging on the overall goal of building a high-quality urban area of a modern powerful province in the new era, we should strengthen the "two wheel drive" of urban-rural composition and city-industry integration, and coordinate the three major spaces of the northern core area, the central thriving area and the southern ecological area, highlighting the "four guides" of party building, strategy, innovation and system. In addition, we should accelerate the construction of a modern economic system with characteristics of Shizhong District, promote the modernization of governance system and capability, and strive to make more contribution to, and shoulder more responsibilities for the implementation of strategies of the new and old growth driver conversion, the construction of Shandong Peninsula urban agglomeration, and ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Yellow River Basin.

The Outline specifies the long-term target by 2035: our district will be built into the most important modern financial center, digital economic center, scientific, technological, cultural and creative center, intelligent manufacturing center, high-end commercial and trade center, commercial port cultural center of the city, and become a modern benchmark city, model city and demonstration city in terms of high-quality development of the city, and basically transform into a high-quality district of a modern powerful provincial capital in the new era.

The Outline puts forward the main targets of economic and social development by 2025: new and greater breakthroughs in comprehensive strength: striving to advance regional GDP to top 150 billion yuan and increase the general public budget revenue to more than 14 billion yuan, ramp up investment in fixed assets and retail sales of consumer goods by 10% and 8% annually, increase permanent resident population to 1.2 million, rank our district at the top of the top 100 high-quality development districts. New and greater breakthroughs in innovation capability: to have no less than 240 high-tech enterprises, total social investment in R & D will reach 0.77% of GDP, patent ownership quantity 59 per 10000 people, and an open comprehensive innovation ecosystem be basically established. New and greater breakthroughs in reform and opening-up: reforms in key areas will be effectively implemented, investment promotions and talents recruitment advanced at a large scale, foreign trade and foreign investment innovated and developed, market players become more dynamic, business environment optimized, and a new system of opening-up economy at higher level basically nurtured. New and greater breakthroughs in urban and rural construction… New and greater breakthroughs in social governance… New and greater breakthroughs in ecological and environmental protection… New and greater breakthroughs in the improvement of people's livelihood

Centering on the above-mentioned development targets, the Outline proposes key tasks in terms of economic and social development in the next five years.

First, build a high-level innovative urban area in the Yellow River Basin... Second, construct a new pattern of high-quality development in the whole region... Third, accelerate the development of modern industrial system. Guided by "based on differentiation, highlighting agglomeration and promoting high-end development", we will focus on the five major industrial fields of modern finance, digital economy, science, technology, culture and creativity, intelligent manufacturing and high-end commerce and trade, accelerate the development of modern industrial system driven by new growth drivers, and boost the transformation and advancement of regional economy at a higher level. Fourth, build a Shizhong benchmark of Qilu paradigm for Rural Revitalization... Fifth, build an all-round open Shizhong district. We should give full play to the core advantages of the central city of the strong provincial capital, actively integrate into the major national strategies, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with cities along the Yellow River Basin, accelerate the integration into the economic circle of the provincial capital, comprehensively deepen the reform in key areas, forge a top-notch business environment, expand the achievements of investment promotions and talents recruitment, stimulate the vitality of market players and strive to create a new highland for the city's opening up. Sixth, present Shizhong district as the model of lucid water and lush mountains... Seventh, forge a Shizhong district of high-quality, intelligence and high efficiency... Eighth, firmly practice the people-centered development thought.


III. Work Arrangement in 2021


After taking all factors into consideration, it is suggested that the main expected targets of economic and social development in 2021 are: GDP will grow by about 8%, general public budget revenue about 8%, investment in fixed asset about 15%, total retail sales of consumer goods about 10%, actually received foreign investment about 15% and urban registered unemployment rate will be controlled within 3%, to ensure the completion of the task and targets on total energy consumption and efficiency assigned by the municipal government.

Revolving around the above targets, efforts will be concentrated on the following seven aspects:

(I) Insist on the principle of boosting the district through industry and strive to achieve a new leap forward in high-quality development. We will unswervingly stick to the road of boosting the district through industry, and promote the region's economy to achieve a transformation of higher quality and higher level. First, speed up the construction of modern financial industry highland. Continue to consolidate and expand the agglomeration advantages of Shandong New Financial Industry Park, accelerate the construction of the Phase II of the park, plan the Phase III of the project in a coordinated way, optimize the park operation management and platform services, innovate and develop new financial and similar financial business types such as private equity, securities funds and financial leasing, cultivate and develop science and technology finance and financial technology, and speed up the construction of modern demonstration area of financial development agglomeration that covers the whole province. Second, speed up the construction of digital economy industry highland. Supported by Shandong Digital Economy Industrial Park, we will implement the "353" leading strategy③ in a profound way, continue to promote the construction of 5G base stations, and spearhead in the layout of "5G+" and "artificial intelligence+" application scenarios in the city. Besides, vigorously advance the implementation and development of national "Xinghuo · blockchain network" super node, Shandong future network research institute and other projects. Furthermore, actively work together with the Oracle and the Newborn Town to build an Internet Export Industrial Park, and cooperate with Baidu PaddlePaddle to develop industrial Internet projects. In addition, accelerate the implementation of the construction of Jinan BIM④ industrial park and the energy Internet industry park, expand and strengthen the digital industrial clusters, and strive to build a district of strong digital economy. Third, speed up the construction of the highland of scientific, technological, cultural and creative industry. Vigorously implement the integration strategy of "Plan, Talent, Platform, Industry-University-Research", give full play to the platform functions of the two national "innovation and entrepreneurship" bases⑤, iTOT⑥, the National University Science Park of Shandong University, promoting the transformation and application of more scientific and technological achievements. Apart from that, improve the carrier functions of Jinan international innovative design industrial park and Quancheng international cultural and creative industrial park, speed up the construction of industrial design institute, actively cultivate cultural and creative enterprises such as design services and cultural creation enterprises, vigorously develop industrial forms such as architectural design, industrial design and creative design, and create a leading district of innovative design in the whole province. Moreover, proactively promote the cross-border integration of science and creativity, and promote the application of science and creativity elements in a wider field and at a higher level. Fourth, speed up the construction of intelligent manufacturing industry highland. The strategy of strengthening the industrial zone should be implemented in a profound way. Bolstered by the carriers of Dangjia's "Smart City" and "Creation and Intelligence Valley" in the west of Erhuan Road, deeply tap the potential of advantageous industries. Leading enterprises should be supported and guided to increase R & D investment, the adjustment of product structure and technological transformation will be accelerated. We will strengthen the upstream and downstream coordination of the industrial chain and supply chain, and strengthen the penetration, integration and rapid grafting of digital technology, information technology and intelligent technology, thus building a number of benchmark projects of intelligent manufacturing. Further, we will spare no efforts to promote the cluster development of transportation equipment, power equipment and other advantageous industries. Fifth, speed up the construction of high-end commercial and trade industry highland. Carry out the construction and upgrading of commercial buildings, vigorously develop urban business districts, large-scale outlets and urban complexes, and create characteristic brands of building economy, headquarters economy and platform economy. Aiming at the creation of a productive service ecosystem with distinctive characteristics and collaborative innovation, we will actively introduce financial intermediaries, financial management, legal services, asset appraisal, information consulting and other service institutions to cultivate and develop high-end commercial and trade industry forms. Focusing on building a functional, efficient and high-quality life service system, we will promote e-commerce, health care, education and training, domestic service and other life service industries to upgrade towards high quality and diversification. Also, we will plan and implement the transformation and upgrading of Yingxiongshan Cultural and Leisure Commercial District, Old Commercial Port and Minkangli Characteristic Pedestrian   Street, actively strive to create national demonstration district of night economy, promoting a new round of consumption upgrading.

(II) Insist on tackling project and press on upgrading the new growth driver of urban construction.

(III) Make breakthroughs in investment promotions and talents recruitment and strive to stimulate new vitality of economic development. We will unswervingly take investment promotions and talents recruitment as the "lifeline" of economic work, spare no efforts to forge a platform, build a mechanism, optimize the environment, and promote the implementation, pressing for a new round of "acceleration" of investment promotions and talents recruitment. The first is to highlight the key targets of the promotion and recruitment. Focus on leading enterprises and five emerging industries, earnestly implement the "chief of industrial chain system", which aims at the key links of the industrial chain and key enterprises, projects and talents, and strive to introduce a number of world top 500 enterprises, state-owned key enterprises and headquarters enterprises to promote the development of leading industry clusters. In addition, we will focus on innovation and development, implement major projects such as platform enterprise attracting and Internet enterprises targeting oversea market, concentrate on building platforms such as science and creativity services, industrial Internet, science and technology finance, and forge "innovation platform that gathers innovation platforms". Oriented at both the international and domestic areas, we should accurately attract and gather all kinds of high-level talents, form a benign interaction of "talents empower industry and industry attracts talents", and speed up the construction of high-quality talents highland in the Yellow River Basin. The second is to innovate the way of the promotion and recruitment. Emphasize the investment promotion of industrial chain, adhere to the combination of "attract investment with industrial chain" and "attract industrial chain with investment", and we need to revolve around the construction, supplement, extension and strengthening of chain with specific focus to attract large and strong enterprises, and drive the vertical extension and horizontal expansion of upstream and downstream industrial chain. Besides, we will highlight attracting investment by word-of-mouth enterprises, strengthen cooperation with Alibaba, SAP and other world top 500 enterprises as well as Deloitte, NSFOCUS Technologies Group Co., Ltd and other professional institutions, continuously improving the effectiveness of investment promotion. Furthermore, we will emphasize the platform investment promotion, carefully plan, organize and participate in a series of investment promotion and business negotiation activities at home and abroad, and effectively enhance the accuracy of investment promotion. We should deepen the construction of university local – enterprise platform, highlight personalized talent introduction, optimize the "Jingwei talent" series projects, improve the "one case, one discussion" talent introduction mechanism, and comprehensively expand the Shizhong stage for talents to make contributions. The third is to pay close attention to the implementation of projects. Taking advantage of the continuous optimization of business environment, we should strengthen the service guarantee mechanism, establish the work system of "three handlings and one returning visit"⑦ for project implementation, and carry out the full cycle and baby-sitter style service of "involvement in advance, assistance in the process and following up afterwards". We should strengthen the assistance mechanism, establish and improve the assistance system of "one leader, one specific group, one set of plans, one follow-up to the end", and coordinate and solve the practical problems of project implementation. We should strengthen the follow-up mechanism of investment intention, keep a close eye on the investment intention that has been reached, implement accounting management and service by specialized personnel, and actively follow up the procedures by means of arranging, assisting, helping and acting on behalf, so as to effectively improve the signing rate and implementation rate of investment intention.

(IV) Insist on reform and innovation, and strive to build a new engine for transformation and development. We should always take reform and innovation as the first driving force to lead development, promote innovation through reform and promote development through innovation, and actively ascend an advantageous point of transformation and development. Firstly, comprehensively deepen reform in key areas. Deepen the reform of the park management system, emphasize the main responsibility and main business, simplify the organizational structure, promote market operation, and stimulate the vitality of the park. In addition, deepen the reform of finance, taxation and investment, promote the whole process budget performance management, explore and implement the cooperation mechanism between government funds and social capital, and actively broaden the investment and financing channels for major projects. Secondly, improve the innovation mechanism. With the innovation of system and mechanism as the mainstay, press on with the policy incentives and measures implementation, explore the establishment of an evaluation mechanism and work network for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, strive to enhance the integration capability of scientific and technological achievements, talents, capital, services and other innovative resources, and speed up the improvement of the scientific and technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market as the guidance, and the combination of industry, university and research. We will further implement the action plan for cultivating high-tech enterprises, increase the support for small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises and start-up scientific and technological enterprises, and we will have 31 new high-tech enterprises, cultivate 4 provincial and municipal "specialized, unique and new" small and medium-sized enterprises, and 3 Gazelle enterprises. Besides, every effort will be made to promote the construction of the "one axis, one city" science and technology innovation platform, accelerate the aggregation of talents, technology and other factors, and innovate the system and mechanism, so as to create a world-oriented, future leading, and provincial innovation power house. Thirdly, continuously enrich innovation carriers. Underpinned by the commercial buildings in Nanbeikang area, we will build a financial technology industrial park, introduce and cultivate new financial technology format, solidly promote the construction of platforms such as the national innovation and entrepreneurship base for science and technology leading talents, Shandong Anke Blockchain Industry Development Research Institute, and Shandong New Infrastructure Headquarter Building, encourage Shandong power equipment and other enterprises to build technological innovation platforms with colleges and universities, and accelerate the construction of the national health care big data research institute. Throughout the year, 4 new academician workstations, R & D institutions of enterprises at or above the provincial level, and R&D and achievement transfer and transformation centers will be built to promote the deep integration of industry, university and research.

(V) Insist on rural revitalization, and press on with forging new paradigm of urban-rural composition.

(VI) Insist on environmental governance and strive to build a new habitat suitable for business and living…. Third, continuously optimize the business environment. focus on internationalization, legalization and facilitation, further promote the reform of "streamline administration, delegate powers, and improve regulation and services", deepen the service brand of "easy business procedure in Shizhong", speed up the implementation of "all procedures on Internet" and "whole process on Internet" by enterprises, and let more items "be done on video" and "no running from pillar to post". Moreover, implement the relevant policies on tax reduction and fee reduction, and realize the policy of "one stop" handling. Furthermore, we will deepen the working mechanism of "one hundred cadres unite with one hundred enterprises" and provide accurate and efficient assistance for enterprises. Efforts should be made to build a new type of "amiable" and "clean" relationship between government and business, truly assisting entrepreneurs, earnestly rewarding investors and sincerely serving taxpayers.

(VII) Insist on the advancement of people's livelihood and strive to improve the welfare of life.



① New infrastructure: short for new infrastructure construction, it mainly includes seven fields: 5G base station construction, ultra-high voltage, intercity high-speed railway and urban rail transit, new energy vehicle charging pile, big data center, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet.

② "Five Jinan": Science and creativity Jinan, intelligent manufacturing Jinan, cultural Jinan, ecological Jinan, health Jinan.

③ "353" leading strategy: the first "3" means consolidating the three major supports of "new infrastructure", industrial park and innovation platform; "5" means developing the five major digital industries, namely big data, artificial intelligence, 5G technology, application innovation of information technology and Internet enterprises targeting oversea market; the second "3" means promoting the integration of the digital transformation of manufacturing industry, urban digital transformation, digital transformation of social governance and service.

④ BIM: abbreviation of "Building Information Modeling", means that building information model is a new tool for architecture, engineering and civil engineering

⑤ Two national "innovation and entrepreneurship" bases: national science and technology leading talents innovation and entrepreneurship (Jinan) base and Jinan national offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas professionals.

⑥ iTOT mentioned herein means Sino-Japan High-tech Industrial Park

⑦ "Three handlings and one returning visit": that is, coordinating the project in negotiation, assisting the signed project and supervising the project in construction, and paying a regular returning visit the implemented projects.


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