"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival"
The International Overseas Talent Exchange Activity of Shizhong District was held
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On September 17, International Overseas Talent Exchange Activity of Shizhong District was held in Jinan Offshore Base Headquarters Space. Ms. Hu Hui, the Party member and Vice President of Jinan Association for Science and Technology, Mr. Li Maoxin, the Party member and Deputy Director of Jinan Foreign Affairs Office and Ms. Su Jie, the Deputy Director of  Exit and Entry Administration of Jinan Public Security Bureau attended the activity, the alien representatives of Jinan Offshore Base Headquarters Space, the foreign teacher representatives of Shandong Normal University, the foreign student representatives of Jinan University and the foreign family representatives living in Jinan as guests participated in the activity. The event was hosted by Zhang Dongmei, head of Activities Department of Jinan Offshore Base Headquarters Space.  

First of all, the person in charge of the base introduced the origin and traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival to foreign friends. They listened to the story of "Chang 'e Flying to the Moon" and appreciated the profound connotation of "Appreciating the Moon" in Chinese traditional culture.

Then, the headquarters space invited two pastry chefs to teach the guests to do the moon cake. Through knead the crust, filling, mold pressing, exquisite Cantonese moon cakes were made. With the pastry chef's demonstration, everybody were enthusiastic, eager to try and had hands-on experience.


Ms. Ilona from Russia is an employee of the Weida Wele Company in headquarter space. As the guest of the event, she said that the event was very interesting. Russian friends were interested in making moon cakes and were very happy to have hands-on experience.


Mr. Zhang Yixing from Tajikistan, said the event helped him learn how to make moon cakes very quickly and easily, giving him a taste of traditional Chinese festivals in advance.

The purpose of this activity is to share and exchange with foreign friends, so that more and more people will know and understand the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and traditional customs, further enhance the identity of the traditional Chinese culture, experience the fun of the traditional Chinese festival, and feel the care of Jinan for international talents.

After the activity, representatives from Jinan Association for Science and Technology in combination with Jinan Foreign Affairs Office, Jinan Public Security Bureau, Foreign Affairs Office of the Party Committee of Shizhong District, Association for Science and Technology of Shizhong District, Public Security Bureau of Shizhong District, and Shandong Normal University held a symposium. The meeting proposed to strengthen cross-department and cross-business cooperation and exchange, in order to attract talents to Jinan, and for overseas talents undertakings to provide more convenient and comfortable environment, further promote to attract talents to Jinan towards a new stage.

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